My Doctor Who models featured in a Doctor Who Art show in San Fran this january , first time useing material on a figure.

The Muppets Fozie Bear framed picture created for a friend’s birthday this summer.

The past year i’ve been working on Jaws paper toy models, Jaws being my all time favourite film , it was a theme i really wanted to do for a long time.

My Doctor Who paper toys feature on Obverse books “Time Mosaic 9” by Finn Clark , out now.



This summer i’ve held various workshops teaching children from all ages making dinosaurs, rabbits, rats to even Daleks, a differnt template each time.

Captain America peice i have done for a Artboy Gallery Melbourne show this summer.

Captain america

Very Very excited to have my art work featured in the new Star Wars book “Inspired By The Force” by Steve Sansweet looking at the art peices at Rancho obi wan.




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