One of our briefs set in my second year was to create a family of characters and give them a story of who they are and to also put them in a situation .

I decided to base my family on robots living in a shared house ,my 4 character robots each have different personality’s , mood-e , lu-c, sev and doug , mood-e (red bot  see pic) is the miserable bot , lu-c ( pink bot ) is the only girl bot of the house , sev (blue bot) the muscle of the bots and doug (yellow bot ) the over the top camp bot .

the story of my robots follows them looking for the culprit of a slimy trail in the house only to find its just a mere slug.

For this brief i decided to take my characters into a 2D look and created there look in to card figures ,each one given there personal colour . I also illustrated a comic strip of the story to run along side the models..

Each robot design are made from card with just folds and glued into place.





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