For this brief we had to reserch in to what valentines day really is about and not just hearts and flowers , what significance  does it have ?

I found out on valentines in several countries the Gay community have used the pink triangle as the symbol of the heart for valentines .The pink triangle was used back in WW2 by the German’s ,they were put on the Gay prisoners in the concentration camps to single out the gay from the straight and since then the pink triangle symbol has been used by  Gay and lesbian groups all over the world.

for this brief i decided to use the pink triangle and depict the stuggle of being a prisoner in a camp by illustrating a bear , using the bear i have tried to capture the way the prisoners were treated like animals and also saying that not all ‘teddy bears’ that are given are cute on valentines .

These were done just by pencil , i havnt worked in this medium in a while as i like to use fine liners.





these next illustrations are the first ideas i had for how i wanted them to look ,using words to show the verbal abuse that the prisoners went through.


I also made a stuffed teddy bear for this brief , again using the image of the bear as not a cute gift for valentines but a message to say that being treated like an animal is wrong.

As a idea for this brief i wasnt happy with outcome of it but did learn a new skill of making stuffed toys.

i also made from card a bear just with folds and glue holding it together but with wire wrapped around him to show his imprisonment.