This brief asked us to look at true stories and ways of interpreting them in illustration.

i chose dreams for this as to me they are kind of true in a surreal way , events that have happened in your past or just that day are sometimes relived in your sleep through dreams but taking on a bizarre  surreal twist to the events.

For this brief i had several ideas of were to take this, picture strip , dream catchers, mobiles or just images printed on pillowcases but i decided to create a fanzine type publication using dreams that i have had and using dreams from friends at university each with a small illustration.

dreamzine1 Back



For the centre of the fanzine i illustrated different aspects of the dreams that are included in the ‘zine’ , i wanted to try and give the feeling of the person sleeping the bizarre wide open feeling you can sometimes get when sleeping.

dreamzinecentreI also took inspiration for this from the illustration ‘freefall’.