Back in febuary we were visited by 2 polish tutors and worked with them for a couple days , the workshop brief was to design posters about what the weekend means to us.the aim of the workshop was to work in a more traditional way of design .


The 2 posters i designed are both made from card ,the 1st day had to just be made from black and white and the 2nd from colour.


the 1st poster is about my 1st day of the weekend ,most of the times just watching DVDS ,i have used 3 themes of movies to depict that.


the 2nd day is a picture of a zombie, the weekend before we were taught by the tutors we had a zombie birthday party for a fellow housemate so i used the imagery from the party to use on the poster .

I enjoyed the 2 day workshop as it let use a medium i enjoy working in with just using card ,i also was surprised with the work becuase it was the 1st time i have worked in such a big scale.