This is my final finished piece for the limited edition vinyl brief , I had the dolls photos taken last week in the photography studio and the pictures came out awesome looking .The final piece consists of 3 limited edition prints ,a LP slip case ,record,and cut out television main LP case.

5 of these have been produced (as stated in the brief) .



pictures are of front and back of the LP.

I have put the pictures through photo shop to tidy them up getting rid of wires holding the dolls in place and threads on clothes etc and also designed the record label that is stuck in place at the centre of the LP.

In the end I did 4 iconic looks of Kylie in doll form but only used 3 as I wasnt really happy with the outcome of one of them but the idea of using that Kylie look was a late idea and went ahead to make the doll anyway .


Cant get you out of my head’ image used for the print given with the LP.


Put yourself in my place image used for print.


‘What do I have to do’ image used for print.

This is the image I decided not to use in the end as i wasnt to happy with the photo’s for the doll  , it’s for the ‘spinning around’ print.

spinning around